Friday, February 27, 2009

They Are Totally Still Together

Okay. So Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston are totally still together. This morning they went biking together. The whole time they were laughing and giggling. He was staring at her the whole time. They really like each other. I think all these rumors about him causing drama with the family are ridiculous rumors. What was it a week ago? Miley said how her and her dad are so close. If he was really causing trouble she would not look this happy.

Also last night, they were seen eating at Mo's. Hollywood Tv has a video of them eating. Miley is so sweet by the way. She looks so happy. She joked around with the paparazzi and smiled the whole time. From Stephanie: 'My friends and I walked into Mo's restaurant in Toluca Lake and Miley and Justin were there. Miley was sitting at a booth eating and she was singing 'Love Story' really loud. She just left, she was wearing baggy sweats and her nappy hair. Justin was wearing a black v-neck shirt and jeans.'

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