Monday, August 31, 2009

Demi Singing at a Kelly C Concert!

Disney Purchases Marvel!

The Walt Disney Company has purchased Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in cash and stock! Disney now owns the catalogue of 5,000 Marvel characters, including Fantastic Four and X-Men. "It helps Disney add exposure to a young male demographic it had sort of lost some balance with," says David Joyce, analyst for Miller Tabak & Co.

Selena's Album Cover

This is a bit old now but here is Selena Gomez & The Scene's album cover. The album is called Kiss & Tell.

My Awesome Banner From...

The person who made my fabulous banner was Exhale_whispers! You can check out her stuff here or :) She has also made such other things as...

A very cool Miley Cyrus edit.

A background she made for me.

This one is amazing! How I love Niley. Click ---> @exhale_whispers

Joe's New Brothers!

This is from Much Music’s Live At Much special program in Toronto on Sunday afternoon!

Photo Love

I love this photo of Demi Lovato. It looks so peaceful.

Miley Unhappy With Fake Posters!

Miley, Justin, & Braison Coffee Buds

Miley Cyrus, ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston and brother Braison hit up Starbucks and a hair salon this afternoon in LA where she got new extensions underneath her natural hair.

There are no photos of Miley and Justin together. Hopefully it was a friendly outing. Maybe Disney told Miley to do this.

The final product of Miley's new hair.

Miley and Movie Mama!

Miley Cyrus and her The Last Song mom Kelly Preston spotted leaving dinner at Arnie Morton’s Steakhouse in Los Angeles on August 30 evening.

Miley Tweet Crazy

Joe and Demi This Is Me Toronto

Jonas Last Concert with CR Cast

Camp Rock cast attended Jonas Brothers Toronto concert at The Rogers Centre. Including Chloe Bridges, Jordan Francis, Roshon Fegan, Anna Maria Perez, Meghan Martin, Jasmine Richards & Alyson Stone.

Austin Butler on WOWP

Taylor Lautner on Teen Vogue

Taylor Lautner covers the new issue of Teen Vogue. Taylor lives with his family an hour outside Los Angeles: 'There are twelve cars that camp outside my house. You can't ever really get used to it, because it's not normal to have people snapping pictures of everything you do. You just have to try not to let it affect you.'

On Selena Gomez: 'She's a great girl.' On the rumored love triangle between him, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: 'It's crazy, but the fans help. They're a big part of the motivation.'

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Jaylor Days!

Seem's that Ms. Swift has not changed her youtube profile in quite a while. One line of the bio reads I'm the girl who is best friends with a guitar and still believes prince charming exists somewhere out there-- fully equipped with great hair and an immature sense of humor. She's obviously talking about Joe Jonas. Seems like a long time ago :(

VH1 Divas

Here are the very cool VH1 Divas posters. Jordin's has not been released yet.

I <3 My Boyfriend.

Photo was leaked of Miley Cyrus in an I Love My Boyfriend tank top. This photo it definitely from around the Niley dating time.

Selena, Aly & AJ <3 Katy!

Katy Perry kicked off her tour a few weeks ago and it seems to have caught the attention of many celebrities. Last night 78violet sisters Aly and AJ Michalka were seen walking arm-in-arm as they left the Hollywood Palladium after watching Katy Perry’s concert in West Hollywood on Saturday nigh.

The duo tweeted, “Going to see Katy Perry tonight in concert…should be fun! Gonna catch some rays first though.”

Selena Gomez then tweeted

Miley & Carter Nashville Friends

While in Nashville Miley Cyrus saw the Kings of Leon with friend Carter Jenkins. The two were seen laughing the whole walk. Who knew they were friends? :)

Emily Osment All The Way Up

Jemi Kiss in CR2?

Jerahbabyyox from twitter asked Demi Lovato ”Are you gonna kiss Joe in Camp Rock 2?” Then Demi replied with a ;) face. I'm thinking it's a yes <3

Selena Dancing to Party In The USA

Seems like Selena and Miley are closer than everyone thinks. While performing Party In The USA, Selena seemed to be having a ball dancing and singing along with Miley. Really cute if you ask me. Also seen jamming Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens! :)

T Swizzle Played Till She Bled

“I still remember when I got my first six string. As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t stop playing it,” said the 19-year-old. “I would play until my fingers were red raw. Then my mum would tape them up and off I’d go again" -Taylor Swift on playing guitar.

Oh Justin.

Miley Cyrus's ex boyfriend Justin Gaston posted this on her twitter. What do you think it means? I’m sure its about Justin & Nick Jonas. Cry yourself a river Justin your 21 and she is 16. He also unfollowed Tish, Noah, & Miley all on Twitter.

Miley and Liam Kissing?

More pictures have surfaced of Liam and Miley kissing. Miley's PR has not said anything upon the release of the photos. Maybe it's from the movie? But that is her cardigan. She has worn it before. Only time will tell is these two are or were actually dating.

Liam is 18 and from Australia.

That is the jacket she is seen kissing Liam in. Hmm...

Bye Bye Black !

Demi earlier tweeted Brown to Black: Easy peasy. Black to Brown: Not as much fun....
Seems that Ms. Lovato will be dying her hair back to it's natural brown for Camp Rock 2. I love the black hair on her and I'm sure once done filming she will once again dye it back.

You know what this means? They will straighten Joe's hair! YAY! Maybe then Joe will realize how much he misses his straightener. Call him fruity as much as you want that boy rocks the straight hair.

Leaked Demi Photos.

Photos were released of Demi Lovato posing with a snake. Seems that she doesn't mind the long reptiles. Me on the other hand not the hugest fan.

Bella's Graduating!

Kristen Stewart has just been snapped filming a graduation scene for her upcoming film “The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse“. On Friday afternoon, August 28 on the movie’s set in Vancouver, the Bella Swan of Twilight was seen sporting new long hair extension for the film’s production. Do you like the extensions?

New Miley & Max

Check out some of the new clothing items from Miley Cyrus & Max Azria.