Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Couple Alert :/

For all you die hard Nick Jonas fans im sorry to say Rolling Stones has reported Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez :/ are a couple.

Rolling Stone deputy editor Jason Gay makes his discovery towards the end of the article: “Later that night, I’m finally able to see the photograph. It’s a picture of Nick, Joe, Kevin and yes, a beautiful young brunette in a scarlet-red top. Nick has his arm around the girl’s back, and the girl’s arm is wrapped around his. Her name is Selena Gomez she’s Demi Lovato’s best friend and a big new Disney star. The genuine affection in the photo is obvious…”

The much-hyped picture, which is published in the magazine, shows Nick15, hugging Selena, who just turned 16 yesterday. The photo caption reads: “MOUSE MAGIC: Seconds before a show Nick gets a hug from Selena Gomez another Disney star, as Kevin, Joe, and bodyguard Big Rob look on.” (Thanks to Just Jared for this news.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Miley Cyrus Does TRL

Miley Cyrus was seen taping a segment for Total Request Live (TRL) in Times Square, New York City on Friday afternoon. The 15-year-old chatted with MTV VJ Damien Fahey during the show. Miley will be co-hosting TRL on both Wednesday and Thursday! She’ll be sharing all about her new album, Breakout, and what’s up next for Hannah Montana. What do you think of of Miley’s pink newsboy cap and her double-belt look? It almost looks 80's with a dash of 2oth century. The sparkley vest and skintight leather pants (also seen on Rihanna & Blake Lively). So you decide? :]

Hilary Duff is Summer Ready

Enjoying a sunny southern California afternoon Hilary Duff was spotted grabbing a quick cup of coffee in Studio City before making her way to the salon to get her hair done. She was looking summer ready in a blue and grey tank top teamed with a pair of white trousers and light brown heels. Hilary has been keeping herself busy with yet another promising project called “Stay Cool,” in which she plays a flirty high school student who catches the eye of author Mark Polish played by Henry McCarthy.

Leighton Meester: Hit Or Miss?

Leighton Meester wore this grey Zac Posen dress from the Pre-fall 2008 line recently to the TCA Party event. She was wearing Sergio Rossi heels with an interesting cut out detail. I personally think she looks great, then again i always think she looks great. But its up to you: Woohoo or Boohoo? :] P.S. Find those shoes here

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do You Wanna Be On Top?

Whitney Thompson was the first plus model ever to win Americas Next Top Model. Every cycle they show the last winner posing with Tyra Banks. Recently I came across the photos of Whitney and Tyra. I personally think the photo of the two of them is gorgeous. For being plus sized I personally think she is pretty thin, but in the modeling world a sixe 6 is “Plus Size.”In her self picture I think Whitney looks stunning, and she has amazing green eyes. These pictures have reminded me that Cycle 11 is coming! :]

Just Too Much PDA

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens recently took a vacation to the Caribbean islands. While there they went scuba diving and kayaking and on there down time they were seen making out and kissing. While its one thing to kiss and hold hands, it’s a whole another thing to straddle your boyfriend on the beach in front on families, people with cameras and children who look up to these two. There are wrong amounts of PDA (public displays of affection) In the photo Vanessa is sitting on Zac’s lap with her hand on his thigh. This is highly inappropriate. After her photos released of her in the nude you think she would try to stay on the more appropriate side for Disney. Thousands of young girls (boys too!)look up to Vanessa and Zac so when seeing these photos I’m sure they are not getting the right idea. These two are about 20 and its fine to make out with each other but in broad daylight, not so much. So scandalous. :/

The wrong amount of PDA:

The right amount of PDA:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Not only does Blake Lively look fashionable on set, she looks great off set but much more casual than Serena Van Der Woodsen. Lately Blake has been seen wearing these 7 For All Mankind shorts. Not only does she look summer ready but she looks comfy and totally in tune with todays styles. I have always tried to copy the styles on Gossip Girl, but they are a bit out of my price range. So instead of copying the casts outfits try copying there everyday looks. :]
(Thanks to Gossip Girl Insider for this photo :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mary Kate Smiling?!?

Lately you can barely get a grin out of Mary-Kate Olsen. So when I came across a photo of her during an interview with her for access Hollywood I was blown away she looks beautiful and stunning all at the same time. She is starting to look like her old self again. She barely has any make up on and a simple messy bun and braid and she lights up the whole room. Seeing me her smile again makes me realize she has awesome green eyes. So which do you prefer the bright smile or the Blank grin? I think you know which one I would choose. Keep Smiling Mary Kate. :]

Go Rent The Robinson's :]

If you haven’t seen this movie yet its time to sit in front of your catch and enjoy! Today I watched “Meet the Robinsons” and I loved it. The tagline of this movie is what made me watch it “If you think your family's different, wait 'til you meet the family of the future.” It was funny, different, and the animation was beautiful. So go to your local blockbuster and check this movie out.

Ooh and Wilbur the second main character is awesome. :]

Friday, July 11, 2008

Glad to Have Gladiators

Gladiators can be seen everywhere lately from Miley Cyrus to Nikki Hilton. They range from ankle length all the way to your knee. The look goes all the way from totally casual to glamorous night on the red carpet. These strappy shoes may look a bit complicated but they are very comfortable to walk in. They come in flat, kitten heel, even stilettos. These shoes are sold from Steve Madden all the way to Old navy. You can buy the Steve Madden Gladiators here for 59.95 or buy the Old Navy Gladiators here for 19.50. You decide? :]

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2

Coming out on August 6, 2008 is The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2. This movie takes place 3 years after the last one and is the story of the girls Tibby, Carmen, Bridget and Lena (played by Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera, Blake Lively and Alexis Bledel).The girls now in college, travel to Turkey, Greece, New York, Vermont and Providence. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is based on a series of four novels by American author Ann Brashares. With new drama, stories to share, and love interests this movie is bound to be great maybe even better than the first one.
Watch the Trailer here :]

Surfs Up :]

Miley Cyrus is seen here on a surfboard filming for the upcoming Hannah Montana movie. She later changed into the new and improved Hannah wig and a blue Hawaiian dress. You like? The 15-year-old teen star shot scenes of her falling from the life guard stand into the arms of good looking guys and was carried around on a surf board. These scenes take place in Malibu, California on Thursday.
The release date has been set to May 1 2009. :]

Whos with Blair?

The next season of gossip girl starts of in Long Island, and many photos are being seen on gossip sights. Recently a photo of Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) and a mysterious new guy are seen bike riding. The mysterious other is supposedly named Marcus (played by Patrick Heusinger). In the books Blair goes out with a guy named Lord Marcus. Could this be the Lord Marcus, Blair goes to England with?

But what does this mean for Chuck (played by Ed Westwick) and Blair? A new photo shows Blair and Chuck in quite an intimate position and staring into each others eyes quite intensely if I do say so myself. So does this mean Blair is with Chuck or Marcus or neither? What do you think? Tell us your new theories by commenting. Please and thank you! :]

oh em.jpgoh em.jpg

Bag of The Season

Do you remember the episode “The Blair *itch Project” on Gossip Girl? Well the whole episode me and my sister drooled over Jenny Humphreys purse. Recently I came across the photo of Jenny wearing the purple pleated bag. So for 45 minutes I tried to find it and with luck I did. It’s a Valentino Maison patent pleated tote. It comes in red, white, cream, and purple. There’s one problem it is 2295 dollars! (Eep)

This is bag on Bergdorf Goodman.

This is the bag worn by Taylor Momsen on Gossip Girl.

It has been seen on stars such as:

Katherine Heigel

Sometimes even costars have bag envy. The bag was also seen on Blake Lively when walking with her costar/boyfriend.

It’s the exact same bag only in white!

If you love this bag as much as I do but don’t have 2295 dollars to spare chech out this sight! It has a great copy of the bag for only $49.99.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ride a Bike

A great way to get in shape, still be within the latest trends, and be eco-friendly is to buy an old fashioned bike! Lately you can see bikes gracing the pages of many magazines. Not only are stars seen riding their bikes they are also being put into shows such as Gossip Girl. In one of next season’s episodes you see Blair holding her bike.

The Jonas brothers have been seen riding the bikes multiple numbers of times! In this picture you see Joe and Nick Jonas riding with their younger brother Frankie. Biking is a great family activity. Encourage your family to come with you and you will be the most fabulous family on the block!

In the new issue of People Magazine there is a Spread showing
Miley Cyrus riding her bike. She looks very fashionable wearinga blue smock dress and knee length brown boots while riding the bike.

Even Kate Hudson has been seen riding her bikes to do some errands. In a pair of aviators and brown beaded gladiators Kate Hudson looks ready to ride for hours. Not only are you staying fit your bike acts as eco friendly transportation. Go Green!

Biking is a great way to stay fit but still look fashion forward. A great place to buy the old fashioned inspired bikes is So throw on your favorite oversized sunglasses and shorts and get out there! :]

Reinvent Your Room

Reinvent Your Room

Its time to recycle the old homework assignments, and send the 2- sizes- too- small items to goodwill. Take down your posters from 5th grade and give your room a fresh paint job. Its time to reinvent your room. This summer is the perfect time to clean your room and make it the perfect place to be yourself and invite friends over. Sure its hard work, but you get to buy new things and in the end you have an awesome new room.

Instead of the usual beige walls why not try a more adventurous color such as orange, a dark blue, or try a celery color like Blair Waldorfs room on gossip girl?

To add a cool affect hang things from your roof. Do you remember in 4th grade when you took a hanger and hung the Science Project from it? Well grab your favorite photos of you and your friends and hand them from your roof. Take some string and beads hang those to while you’re at. For an easier solution head on over to Fred Flare and order your garland today!

Once you have painted your room its time for a new comforter. Some are more expensive than others and are really the same quality. So before buying compare prices. Try Target, DELiA*s, and if your willing to pay a bit more try Bloomingdales. Go to and check out there comforters. I saw this comforter and fell in love! It’s the Victorian comforter Cover and it said the price was from $48-$78 dollars!

Well if you’re buying a comforter your definitely going to need some pillows. A great place to get pillow covers is at Urban Outfitters you can buy them online or at a store near you! Personally I love the Boom box pillowcase set and its only $28 dollars. The only catch is these are online only but they really make a bed pop and who doesn’t want to rest their head on a boom box.

If you don’t have enough time to paint your room or just want to add some more decorations try wall decals. These decals have adhesive on the back so you can re-use them over and over again. On Urban Outfitters they sell theses wall decals and many other types:

Miley Cyrus’s dressing room at her home uses black chandeliers down rows in her room. They really add a unique touch they almost even look 3-D.

So what are you waiting for?