Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daring Demi!

Demi Lovato rocks out in her new video Don't Forget. She hinted on her twitter that this would be for Don't Forget. Look at those heels. I would break my neck. Holding an electric guitar, in 4 inch heels, in the rain. Demi please be careful. :] This is my favorite song of the album so i hope this is an awesome video.

I can pretty much gurantee the rain falls when the guitar solo hits and she belts "SOMEWHERE WE WENT WRONG" at 2:20! Or just when the solo starts.

another hint? *cough* 50 ft. water explosions *cough* *cough*
about 1 hour ago from mobile web

You know you’re cold when you’re soaking wet and you can see your breath outside.. i won’t FORGET this video shoot…. ;)
about 1 hour ago from mobile web

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-A said...

i'm inlove with her shoessssss