Friday, October 31, 2008

Paris Princess :]

“It’s hard, because anytime you say anything, it’s like the next day, Google alert!” Miley said about her relationship to Justin Gaston. “Oh my goodness, I wish I would have just shut up. Everyone else is in a frenzy about something that meant nothing for [me] to say.”

Laughing Lauren

I make fun of guys when I like them, I do it as a test to see if they can laugh at themselves.” Lauren Conrad on how you see if a 22 year old likes you. :]

Beautiful Ben :]

Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes keeps warm in a cashmere v-neck in the latest GAP ad.
The 27-year-old British actor recently got a dance lesson from Justin Timberlake! “I am not the greatest dancer,” Ben revealed while promoting his upcoming feature, Easy Virtue. “And as you know, Jessica [Biel] is dating Justin Timberlake. And he can move. So Justin comes to the set on the day we are filming the big dance scene with Jessica. Seeing me make a pig’s ear of it, he steps forward and shows me how it goes. I mean how cool is that a dance lesson from the king of pop?”

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Under My Umbrella

Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively (Serena) and Penn Badgley (Dan) got cozy and exchanged smiles on the set in N.Y.C. Wednesday. This is just so darn adorable. :]

Around The World

Miley Cyrus signs a few autographs as she heads into London’s St. Pancras station to catch the Eurostar to Paris on Wednesday. The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star is currently in Europe to promote her new album, Breakout. Miley performed in Berlin earlier this week, then went to a few other promotional events. Miley looks adorable and so chic. The simple tee shirt with the neclackes make the look young enough but the gorgeous jacket and patent heels bring in just enough fashionista to the look. Not only does her hair look flawless, the chained belts pulls the whole outfit together making one perfect outfit. :]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ashley Approved :]

Ashley Tisdale steps out of her home in a teal, ruffled party dress with mom Lisa on Tuesday in Toluca Lake, California. The 23-year-old star was later spotted with co-star and BFF Vanessa Hudgens on a mini-shopping spree at Treats for the Face (they are known for their spectacular chocolate gummy bare waxes). Ashley will make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, October 29th! HSM co-star Zac Efron will be on the show the day after. Her dress is adorable. I love it the brown hair and teal dress look so good together.


Britney on SNL?

Here’s another photo of Britney Spears hard at work in sweats and a pair of boots during rehearsals at International Dance Studio. Britney is rumored to be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 22. What do you think of this pop princess hosting the popular show- Woohoo or Boohoo?

Spolier Alert *Gasp

Are Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf closer than regular friends? What is the deal with Aaron Rose? And where was Lily last night? Below are a couple of interesting Gossip Girl spoilers from E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos ...
Q: I might be reading into this a little bit, but is there anything at all going on between Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl, chemistry-wise? The two of them just seem much too touchy and flirty than best friends normally are ...

A: You aren't the only one! We've received many emails regarding this rumor, and a reliable source who works on the show says, "That's insane. No, we're not planning anything like that." Is it really so insane, though? I'm pretty sure the Gossip Girl book series ended with Serena and Blair kissing each other on the lips and murmuring, "You know you love me." Gulp. Regardless, I'm told that Serena's brother Eric is the only one with any same-sex happenings in the works for a good long while. In the meantime, Blair and Serena will be getting some action in future episodes, courtesy of the Basshole and Serena's new love interest, artist Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori), respectively.

Q: I cannot get enough of Gossip Girl this year. Anything new?

A: I hear Lily van der Woodsen has a deep, dark secret that is already in the works for next year, and it is going to have major repercussions. Guesses?

Gwen's Cute Kids :]

Yesterday, the very first picture of of Zuma Rossdale (the 2-month-old son of rocker couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale) was shown. Well, here’s a much clearer shot of Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, carried by mom Gwen at a library in Beverly Hills on Wednesday morning. Zuma was reportedly named after Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Earlier this Month, Kingston Rossdale, the 2-year-old son of Gwen and Gavin, enjoys a fun play date with Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire’s daughter Ruby Sweetheart, almost 2, on Tuesday at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, California. The two tiny toddlers were pulled in a red wagon by Kingston’s nanny while Ruby’s mother, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, looked on. Aww how cute! They are definatley the next "It" couple- Toddler Style. :]

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is This Even A Band?

Z100 just reported Danity Kane now has two members! An insider just informed them that Shannon from MTV’s Making The Band “Danity Kane” quit the band. Is two people even a band anymore? Well I guess there like the White Stripes-pop version. :]

Space Cadet

"I'm very scared to do it. What if I don't come back? With the whole light years thing, what if I come back 10,000 years later, and everyone I know is dead? I'll be like, 'Great. Now I have to start all over."-Paris Hilton on being the first to board Richard Branson's first ever commercial space flight (Virgin Galatic).

Go Goya! :]

Miley Cyrus performed today the Goya Club in Berlin. The 15-year-old singer will be participating in the 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade atop the Bolt float, performing one of the original songs in the movie, “I Thought I Lost You.” Miley voices Penny in the animated Disney film, Bolt about a dog who thinks he’s a superhero and gets lost in New York City. The movie will be in theaters on November 21st. The 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade airs on NBC, November 27th. :]

Earlier that day Today Miley attended a photocall in Berlin, Germany to promote her Breakout Album and as always she looks adorable in her plaid vest.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


"I hope I don't faint. I'm wearing a corset which is difficult enough, but then to have to wear a corset and be short-breathed around Johnny Depp?" – Anne Hathaway, on the challenges of costarring with heartthrob Johnny Depp, to PEOPLE

Brad & Angie Vs. Shreak & Fiona

"They see films and start asking questions. Such as, 'Why are Shrek and Fiona married and you're not?' "– Angelina Jolie, on receiving pressure from her children to tie the knot with Brad Pitt, to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair


Next Monday Gossip Girl will air there 8th episode Pret-A-Poor-J. In this episode Jenny befriends a young model, Agnes (Willa Holland), who encourages Jenny to not only explore her wild side. Agnes also encourages Jenny to confront her boss, Eleanor Waldorf, who is attempting to “borrow” Jenny’s designs. Serena and Dan agree to attend an art opening at Rufus’ gallery - just as friends - but the outing gets a little uncomfortable. That's because Serena meets an artist, Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori), and realizes they have great chemistry together. (DIDN'T SERENA AND DAN HAVE GREAT CHEMISTRY. :[ ) Meanwhile, in the land of backstabbing and sexual tension, Blair attempts to seduce Chuck, but it proves tougher than planned. This is also the episode Jenny wears the black and white checkered dress she is seen kissing nate in! Sounds like another awesome episode. :]

Good Match :]

"I honestly think that she's (Miley Cyrus) adorable, "I think she's really sweet, and I think that he's (Justin Gaston) really cute, too. I wish them all the luck." Selena Gomez, told Thursday about Miley Cyrus and maybe boyfriend Justin Gaston at the Comme des Garcons for H&M Collection preview in NYC.

Love Is In The Air <3

A picture of Mandy Moore and DJ AM surfaced last week and rumors started to fly. Someone who was there revealed to Us Weekly, "He was holding her hand, and they were rubbing each other's backs." A source close to A.M. confirms, "It's back on. Since the accident, it's blossomed into something again. Mandy said, 'I like this guy a lot and I want to see where it can go again. Life is too short to not be with someone you really care about.'" Aww what a cute couple...again :]

Money Making Music Stars :]

High School Musical sweetheart Ashley Tisdale hits up US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Party at New York City’s Skylight on Tuesday. According to Forbes, Ashley, 23, reportedly earned $5.5 million last year thanks to her solo album, Headstrong, as well as endorsement deals from Ecko Red, T-Mobile and Degree Girl deodorant. HSM costar Zac Efron, 21, reportedly banked $5.8 million while his girlfriend Vanessa, 19, earned an estimated $3.2 million from her solo albums and endorsement deals with Marc Ecko and Neutrogena. :]

High School Musical 3 :]

Yesterday High School Musical came out and excited millions of tweens all over the world. The movie opens up with a big scene on the basketball court and a sweaty Zac Efron. All the songs were catchy and adorable but I felt like something was missing. Maybe Sharpay wasn't evil enough or maybe there wasn't enough dancing? The movie is worth seeing but I felt like they tried to hard to make it too MOVIE THEATRE. Another thing I didn't like was the musical this year was Senior Year and at times i was confused if it was them at school or them in the musical because they switched scenes many times. My favorite songs are I Want It All and The Boys Are Back which photos are shown here from. I Want It All is Sharpay and Ryan's dance number them dreaming about being on Broadway. Its fun, pop, and just enough of Sharpay's awesome outfits and scheming. The Boys Are Back has some serious dance skills from Chad and Troy. Its them reenacting there childhood were they fight cars, save the girl, and some how incorporate break dancing into it. The one scene in the movie were Troy takes off his shirt and you see his muscle infused back definatley helps. The Critics have given this movie a C+ but they are usually harsh on kids movies. The Hollywood Reporter states, "Even within the confines of G-rated fluff, it could have been a lot sassier." You will just have to see the movie for yourself and decide if its a Woohoo or a Boohoo! :]
" The Boys Are Back"

" I Want It All" :]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mileys Mystery :?

Miley Cyrus tells Ryan Secrest about her new man, Justin Gaston during Thursday’s Los Angeles KIIS-FM morning show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Here’s what the 15-year-old Disney sensation had to say:

On if she’s dating Justin: Maybe, maybe not.

On if her parents allow her to date Justin: “Yes, but I think that right now, everything’s really good. We’re so happy with the way things have worked out.”

On her relationship with Justin and why age doesn’t matter: “He’s been a really great friend more than anything. Everyone started judging us ever since we started hanging out. But after my last two years, there’s been a lot of things that happened, so I’ve learned not to judge anyone and just go into our friendship with an open mind. Not really worried about the age thing. Our family says, Whatever happens happens.”

On what she sees in Justin: “More than anything, he’s really helped me move on from a lot of things and get my mind of of things. He’s a really great Christian guy. I am totally gushing right now… He works with my dad. He thinks he’s really cool.” :]

Listen to the full interview at

Reality Index Gossip Girl Style

After each new Gossip Girl episode it is analyzed by New York Magazine and assigned scores according to an awesome Reality Index. Below are highlights (some realistic, some far from it), from the publication's comprehensive breakdown of last night's episode, "Chuck In Real Life"

  • When Rufus goes to put on Music, he says, "I'm thinking Wham," as he looks right at Nate's bangs. Coincidence? We think not. Plus 3.

  • Since when is Vanessa allowed to wear something strapless and shiny? Minus 1. Also, she's too poor to afford that necklace. Minus 1 again.

  • Serena goes out with the ladies to "1Oak and Bijoux." Plus 3.

  • We know they wanted us to look this up, so we did. Lauren Goldenberg, the slut who gave all the boys on the soccer team mono, is Gossip Girl's script coordinator. Hiiiii Lauren. Plus 1 because it's kind of sweet and familial how they do that, which is on-theme.

  • Gossip Girl's homepage at the start of the episode wonders whether Chuck Bass is "the new LonelyBoy." No, no, no. Minus 1.

  • Would Blair really keep saying "crush her" like that? Actually, yeah. Plus 1.
  • Nate living by himself in the mansion with nobody knowing would never happen. Page Six would have been all over the house getting repossessed, and even Nate isn't dumb enough to just like leave the "seized" sign up. Minus 2.
  • Eric's boyfriend is cute but not ridiculously cute, which is just so perfect. Plus 2 because the sweet guy is always the one you date second.
  • Dan tries out for soccer? Uh, what? Everybody knows senior year is way too late to try a new sport. Minus 2. Besides, Nate would totally play lacrosse, duh. Minus only 1, because at least now every gay man in the world can incorporate Chace Crawford into their requisite soccer-player fantasy.
  • Dan's heart-to-heart with Serena is so dead-on, from when she drops the hint that "the person who she'd most like to talk to, she can't anymore" to Dan's reply - an adolescent-sage take on Lily: "You ever think your mom acts like she's perfect because she's too far from it to acknowledge that she's not?" And then of course Serena is like, gee, I never even thought of that! You're so smart. And then Dan shrugs, like, yeah, I'm a writer, you know. Plus 3.

Dance Britney!

Check out this new picture of Britney Spears at International Dance Studio in Hollywood during rehearsal last night (Thursday, October 23). According to Britney's official website, “Brit got inspired when she put on [dancer] Tucker’s hat and she began to totally rock the session.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Girl She Can Twirl

Spinning in her Abaeté dress , Monique Coleman looks adorable at a HSM 3 shoot with the cast members in Encino, California. What does her post-HSM life hold? "No idea," she tells PEOPLE. "Of course, I'm an actress, so I'm going to be dramatic and worried about it!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Katy Perry Style

"I wet myself, Fergie-style." – Katy Perry, explaining what happened after she was asked to host MTV's Europe Music Awards, to MTV

There Band Is Damaged :]

On the season finale of Making The Band Diddy 4 kicked out Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods which leaves Aundrea, Shannon, and Dawn as the last members of the band. Fame turned O'Day into someone he no longer recognized, he said via satellite, and D. Woods was merely guilty by association, caught up in the shrapnel of O'Day's celebrity. But according to Richard, it was O'Day's image that gave Diddy pause.

"Puff did not like [O'Day's] image ... where her image was going for the group," she told "It wasn't a personal thing," she added, explaining that O'Day's recent topless appearance on the cover of Complex magazine wasn't sending the right message to the group's fans. "We had just did a signing with Dollhouse Teen, which is for 13-, 14-year-old young girls," Richard continued. "So, we can't do that one day and then the next day do an obnoxious cover. ... [Diddy] wants the fans, and he says he can't do that if we can continue to go in the direction that we were going." While Diddy said he would work with Woods in the future, O'Day's time is over. But the group will continue, Richard said. "Well, Puff told me specifically that Aubrey is no longer in Danity Kane, and Danity Kane will move forward without her," she explained, adding that Diddy hasn't mentioned anything about replacing the two singers. "He has not said anything per that. But I think in my heart that he is going to do another show." :]

Chuck in Real Life

Here is a synopsis of the upcoming Gossip Girl episode "Chuck in Real Life": Vanessa uses the scandalous picture of Macus and Catherine to blackmail Blair into being a nicer person. Naturally, Blair seeks revenge by enticing Chuck Bass to seduce Vanessa. Only on Gossip Girl. Lily and Bart decide to throw an extravagant housewarming party and expect their children to make them proud in front of the press. That sounds fun and all - but too bad a rebellious Serena isn't ready to play by their rules. Dan and Jenny discover a big secret that Nate has been keeping from his friends. Here are two photos from the upcoming episode. :]

What A Cutie!

While in Brooklyn for Matilda and Michelle its cold and scarf ready in Los Angeles its still just warm enough to take a dip. Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale make a friendly visit to actor Pierce Brosnan and his Keely Shaye Smith’s beach house in Malibu, California on Thursday on afternoon. Gwen and Gavin took along their sons Kingston, 2, and Zuma, 2 months. Gwen and Kingston wadding in the water and look euphoric. What a cutie! :]

A Fall Day

Looking quite fall ready Michelle Williams with daughter Matilda Ledger as they take a stroll outside. The look so cute skipping the streets together. Matilda is turning 3 later this month. :]

Miley's Man Model's :]

Miley Cyrus cheers on her "Boyfriend" Justin Gaston walking the runway at Christian Audigier’s American Lord fashion show on Wednesday in Culver City, Calif. Joining Miley during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios was momager Tish and big sister Brandi, both of whom whistled and hollored. When 20-year-old Justin was asked by E! if he’s dating 15-year-old Miley, he said, “We’re friends. We’re good friends [though] you never know what’s going to happen. I take it one day at a time.”

Sunglasses Are Everywhere!

Fred Flare has just released 2 new colors for Risky Buisness sunglasses. They now come in gold and metalic blue. I love these two new colors, gold is great to wear for fall. As cute as the rainbow ones are they are much more summer appropriate. Stars such as Joe Jonas, The Olsen Twins, and Drew Barrymore have been seen in them.

If you are looking for a more playful pair of sunglasses check out these Hard Candy Heart sunnies. Even though they seem light they are sun protection approved. They come in bubble gum, licorice, peppermint and cherry. Stars such as Madonna, and Kelly Osbourne have been seen wearing them. So head over to and get your pair of 11 sunglasses.

Spolier Alert

According to E! Online, the real story with Jenny and Nate (seen above) is that they will "kiss a couple of times" and then... she gets preganat. Either that, or the whole thing ends abruptly and they never become a real couple. Still, there is much, much drama upcoming for stylista-in-the-making Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, and we hear that episode nine in particular is amazing, thanks to a twist for her character. What do you think that could be?

Fred Sale

Today Fred Flare is celebrating the grand opening of their store with a FREE SHIPPING party! Fred Flare says "It’s our way of saying thanks to all of you who, though maybe you can’t make it to the shop cuz you live in Idaho, know that you’re still a super important part of this venture. Chris and I keep saying that the store is our “hobby” cuz the site is forever our number one. You mean the world to us."

So type in discount code “STORE CUTE” at checkout with ANY purchase (no restrictions!) and SAVE $7.95 on UPS GROUND shipping. Pls note, this offer not valid on sale, special items or warehouse pickups & can’t be combined. Hurry! This offer ends Thursday 10/23/08.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gossip Girl Realism Index

Every Tuesday, the previous night's Gossip Girl is reviewed by New York Magazine and assigned scores according to its arbitrary but funny "reality index."

Below are some of the highlights (some realistic, some very far from it), from the publication's analysis of this week's episode, "New Haven Can Wait" ...

  • Can we just say that Jenny, is SO genius at adolescent sulk? Possibly that is because she is actually 15, but still. Plus 1.
  • Even Serena knows better than to wear a skanky-ass top like that to a college interview. Not that we're complaining personally. Minus 2.
  • Lily appears in Page Six as Serena's "unidentified friend." Page Six would definitely know who Lily Bass is, but they'd also definitely try to block out any reminder of the fact that the hot eye candy they're featuring is underage. Plus 2.
  • Blair's meltdown in front of the director of admissions? She's too composed and clever for that. But we totally would have. So only Minus 3.

  • Blair calls Brown "an enclave of trustafarians and children of celebrities" who "major in drum circles and semiotics, whatever that is." Ha! So true. She also spits out stereotypical private-school phrases, like "Everyone knows that the only real Ivies are the holy trinity: Harvard, Yale, and Princeton." Plus 3.
  • This deserves a separate point. Serena is a terrible student. The show talks about this incessantly. Far more famous kids want to go to Ivy League schools. They wouldn't be so gaga over her, no matter how shiny her hair is. Minus 3.
  • Also, bonus for undermining "knowledge is power" for a generation of 'tweens. Power is tits and hair extensions, kids. Live it. Plus 1.
  • Why is Vanessa the boss of Rufus? Jenny should have had the sh!t grounded out of her after last episode, don't you think? Minus 3.
  • Thank God at least Nate wants to go to USC. What, did Yale suddenly become the only school in America? Plus 2.
  • Where did Chuck get hookers in New Haven? Minus 5. And since when are there that many straight guys in a room at Yale? Minus 5.

"Live Your Life"

Check out this new photo from the set of T.I.'s new music video “Live Your Life” featuring Rihanna. According to Us Weekly, Chris Brown cuddled up with RIhanna between takes. :] And during a dance scene, T.I. accidentally hIT Rihanna but she was a trooper about it. “She just laughed, rubbed her face and rejoined the singing,” an onlooker reports. Cant wait to see this video. :]

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Miley Cyrus meets up with friends and family for ice cream at, Millions of Milkshakes, on Tuesday in West Hollywood, California. She arrived with her new maltipoo Sophie, "Boyfriend" Justin Gaston, Nashville BFF Lesley, her mom Tish, her dad Billy Ray and older sister Brandi. The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star created her own shake flavor and had it named after her. The only problem in this picture after being spoon fed by her " Boyfriend" she doesn't seem to like it to much. No smiley Miley here. Her new puppy by the way is adorable and is already a star. :]

Monday, October 13, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

"I've phoned my dad and told him not to expect me home. I want to live here. I've already fallen in love with 20 guys since I've been here." - Miley Cyrus told the BBC after her concert The Switch Live in London. So does this mean she isnt going out with Justin Gaston and they are just friends? I hope so! :]

Sunday, October 12, 2008


"Me and my best friend, Demi Lovato, are working on a single together, and we’re also planning a tour. We’re really excited. I’m also working on my own album, and I think it’ll come out next year sometime."- Selena Gomez revealed to USA Today. Ewww. Selena we know you are best freinds with Demi. Okay? :]