Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hannah Gang Hangs With Jared

Costars Miley Cyrus, Lucas Till and Emily Osment attend’s screening of Hannah Montana The Movie at the Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 in New York City’s Times Square on Tuesday.

Emily, 17, shared about how she wears so many rings and the costume designer wanted to use them for “continuity.” She wouldn’t give them up, so the scene where she’s picking clothes from a clothing rack, those aren’t really Emily’s hands!

Lucas, 18, shared a funny story about Miley’s jeans ripping while shooting one scene. They ripped from her calves all the way up her thighs!

When a JJJ reader asked Miley if she was going on tour, Miley looked over to her manager. Her manager zipped his lips and threw away the key!

Miley then said, “My manager’s not saying anything, which probably means that I am!” She then proceeded to say that she’s tour if the audience would go. The entire audience then screamed that they all would!

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