Friday, April 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers on Seventeen

Jonas Brothers in Seventeen June 2009 issue. Is style really important to you?

Kevin, 'You will not find us in sweatpants. That's not who were are. And you have to stay true to who you are. I'm dressing kind if nicely all the time now. But then it's like, What am I going to do next?'

What have you learned from relationships? Joe, 'Guard your heart. So many times, it's so easy to fall for someone, you have to be careful and not open yourself up to someone so quickly.'

How did it feel to have Taylor Swift write a song about you?
Joe, 'It's flattering. It's always nice to hear there side of the story.'

What kind of girl are you looking for?
Nick, 'I think modesty is key, but it's more about her personality than the way that she dresses. It's about who is as a person and if she feels comfortable in her own skin.'

Do you all have the same taste in girls?
Nick, 'We've got all our own personalities and things that we prefer in relationships. There's this thing called 'love languages' our mom told us about, everybody has there own love language the way they express their feelings for somebody.'

What's the best love advice you've been given?
Nick, 'From my dad. I'm young, so my dating life and my relationships are still in their beginning stages. Part of the journey in life is the learning you do along the way and seeing what happens.'

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