Monday, March 2, 2009

Miley & Demi Tee Pee A House!

The 16-year-old actress and Ryan shared a funny story about Miley and Demi Lovato tee-peeing (toilet-paper-ing) Ryan’s friend’s home.

Miley shared, “Me and my friend, who’s also on Disney Channel, with dark hair that I’ve been hanging out with a lot lately, [her name] maybe starts with a De and ends with a Mi, we were having a little party at her house. We were really bored because we were watching the life story of the Kardashians, and then we got really bored and watched the life story of Mario Lopez and we’re like, ‘We have got to get lives.’ [Demi] said that her friend lived down the street so we walked to my house and literally got about 15 rolls of toilet paper. We were like, ‘This is not good enough.’ We went and got ketchup, mustard, and from my sweet sixteen party, I still had some sparkly things left over so we had some of those, forks and knifes. The thing was that your friend came to us and said that we were doing a good job!”

Take a listen below to Miley’s full interview!

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