Sunday, March 15, 2009

Demi's Dont Forget

Demi Lovato's music video for Dont Forget was just released. She looks prettier with the darker hair. The only thing I'm confused on is why is the video 1:30 the song is much longer. Maybe they are releasing a full version sooner. The 16-year-old actress filmed the entire video in two days at Griffith Park in L.A.

Some comments on the video are:
it’s so dark =(
i really don’t like it so much ..
good song though...

this was the Demi i liked :)
the dark Demi, crying in the rain.
frustrated at everyone.
totally rad.
definitely raddest music video of hers.

Does Umbrella eh-eh-eh ring a bell?…

Hilary Duff looked waaayy hotter in the rain in her “come clean” video. This was just pain scary

I like the song but the video is not doing it for me. It’s just too…not her

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