Sunday, March 8, 2009

LOVE this photo.

From Christina: 'Miley was so real, she was totally cute. I feel like we're long lost best friends, lol!'

From Vanecia: 'I was waiting in line with my mom and with all the commotion, she lost her copy of Miles To Go! She couldn't find. I felt bad because we had waited HOURS in line. But at least I still had my book for Miley to sign..

We finally got to the front of the line and the security guy asked my mom where her book was. She told him she lost it. Miley overheard because she turned to her and said, 'You lost your book'. My mom said 'yes.' Then Miley told some
one behind her to give my mom another book so that she could sign it!

It was soo sweet. Then I asked her if she could personalize my book with my name and she did! She was sooo gorgeous and her mom took my camera so that my mom and I could pose for a picture with Miley!'

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