Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rolled Up Jeans?

Not many people seemed to like Katie Holmes rolled up denim jeans, but Earlier this week, Ashley Tisdale rocked a pair of rolled up denim shorts as she made her way to a studio in Los Angeles. I'm not really a fan of Katie's jeans but they have been growing on them. I especially like them with heels. Now seeing them on Ashley Tisdale they are really growing on me. If I did get them I would probably get the Bermuda version. I'm waiting to see if another celeb is photographed wearing them, then I might have to go out and get me a pair. What do you think Got to have it or Bag it? :]

1 comment:

-A said...

as every good fashionista follows the latest trends i am declaring that i wont follow this one.
i personally think baggging it would be best, for all man kind.