Saturday, August 16, 2008

Drenching Dan

The names of the first seven Gossip Girl episodes of Season 2 have been unveiled, and the puns are getting worse and worse! See below, with air dates: (Thanks Gossip Girl Insider)
  1. Summer Kind of Wonderful (September 1)
  2. Never Been Marcused (September 8)
  3. The Dark Night (September 15)
  4. The Ex-Files (September 22)
  5. The Serena Also Rises (September 29)
  6. New Heaven Can Wait (TBA)
  7. Chuck in Real Life (TBA)
Summer kind of wonderful is only 3 weeks away! :]


xoxo said...

Why is Dan getting drenched?!

-A said...

-Summer Kind of Wonderful (September 1)

whatttt. some kind of wonderful? okay nexttt.

-Never Been Marcused (September 8)

come on shwartzzzz.

-The Dark Night (September 15)

this episode should be as good as the movie to live up to its namesake.

-The Ex-Files (September 22)

ohh i got some ex stories for you roww ;D

-The Serena Also Rises (September 29)

what the hell is this?

-New Heaven Can Wait (TBA)
is it like haven? whatever.

-Chuck in Real Life (TBA)
charles bass <3