Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Americas Next Top Hippie

Thanks to Fred Flare for this picture :]

DUNDUNDUN....On September 3rd the 11th cycle of Americas Next Top Model will return.It may be one of the last seasons to feature Tyra Banks as the host of the show (nooo!). Back in March, OK magazine reported that Banks was thinking of leaving the show, due in part to a rift between her and Jay Manuel. I really hope this is just a rumor because i love Mr.Jay and Tyra and there would be no show if either of them were gone. Anyhoo I wonder were the girls will stay this year, New York was fun but i really did like Los Angeles. This photo reminds of Cycle 9 when the girls went green. The eco-friendly bus and the nature and recycled items shoot. By looking at the photo of the new girls I don't seen any plus sized models. Guess they are going back to there old ways. At least theres Whitney. Pretty much all the best shows are coming back in September Gossip Girl, Grey's anatomy (I hope its better than last season :/) and of course ANTM.

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