Saturday, October 25, 2008

High School Musical 3 :]

Yesterday High School Musical came out and excited millions of tweens all over the world. The movie opens up with a big scene on the basketball court and a sweaty Zac Efron. All the songs were catchy and adorable but I felt like something was missing. Maybe Sharpay wasn't evil enough or maybe there wasn't enough dancing? The movie is worth seeing but I felt like they tried to hard to make it too MOVIE THEATRE. Another thing I didn't like was the musical this year was Senior Year and at times i was confused if it was them at school or them in the musical because they switched scenes many times. My favorite songs are I Want It All and The Boys Are Back which photos are shown here from. I Want It All is Sharpay and Ryan's dance number them dreaming about being on Broadway. Its fun, pop, and just enough of Sharpay's awesome outfits and scheming. The Boys Are Back has some serious dance skills from Chad and Troy. Its them reenacting there childhood were they fight cars, save the girl, and some how incorporate break dancing into it. The one scene in the movie were Troy takes off his shirt and you see his muscle infused back definatley helps. The Critics have given this movie a C+ but they are usually harsh on kids movies. The Hollywood Reporter states, "Even within the confines of G-rated fluff, it could have been a lot sassier." You will just have to see the movie for yourself and decide if its a Woohoo or a Boohoo! :]
" The Boys Are Back"

" I Want It All" :]

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