Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beanie Love!

(Robert Pattinson, Emma Roberts, & Miley Cyrus)

Lately beanies have been seen all over celebrities. From Rachel Bilson all the way to Joe Jonas. Beanies are slouchy caps usually worn in the snow. Now beanies can be seen anytime through out the year. They are a great way to keep within trends. But the best part about them are they are insanely comfy. They are always warm and practical for covering bad hair too. 17 magazine says its a great way to condition your hair. Put in a leave in conditioner and place the beanie on top. By the end of the day your hair will be silky smooth.

A huge fan of these stylish yet affordable hats is Joe Jonas. He has been seen wearing them on dates with girlfriend Camilla Belle, headed to interviews, singing in concerts, and just hanging with his brothers.

Many celebrities such as Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, and Jake Gyllenhaal have been seen relaxing with their beanies. Jake and Beyonce were both seen wearing theirs at a basketball game.

Another huge fan of beanies is Zac Efron. And no one seems to mind. Zac is known for his care free look. The skinny jeans hanging off his butt, the aviators, and his signature cap. This proves that this look can be rocked by boys and girls.

(Mary-Kate Olsen, Chelsea Staub, Ashley Olsen, Chace Crawford)

Most celebrities wear their caps in red or black. These beanies are almost universally flattering, and will give your outfit an urban edge.

Ashley Tisdale seemed to sport beanies after the 17 magazine photo shoot in which she wore a Henley beanie. The hats suit her brown hair and her chic style.

Vanessa Hudgens seems to have to taken a liking to these caps as she was seen wearing a white one. Other stars such as Demi Lovato and one of the first people to wear them Rachel Bilson. Both girls look great in these caps.

I recently bought a gray beanie at Hot Topic and love it!

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