Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers Take Over South America

Fans met Jonas Brothers before the show in Rio de Janeiro: After going to the premiere they went to a Churrascaria, Porcão, to have dinner. There were only a few fans over there and they promised to take photos with all of them as long as they finished eating. Their bodyguards were responsible..

...for taking the pictures so there could be only one. They were all really kind and polite.. and personally, Kevin was way more beautiful. ROMINA and CHIALE set pix from Argentina: The concert was perfect, they played almost 25 songs including Paranoid (the best performance of the show).

During the show, they wore Argentinean football shirts and Joe waved Argentinean flag. It was so hot last night that Joe in the middle of the concert threw a water bottle all over his body, he looked like in 'In Style' magazine photo shoot.

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